Saturday, July 5, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 15: Infusion Friday 1.

 Yay! Its Infusion Friday! This might turn into Infusion every day, if I don't get more tea soon. Generally speaking a lot of the infusion Friday's wont be as in depth, and sometimes will be really bad favor combinations. But hopefully not today!

Jade Citrus Dragon Mint Pearls. 
(Jasmine Dragon Pearls + Jade Citrus Mint.)

Infuse, or bust? Lets find out!

There isn't much here to say other than that; I've review both teas before, and really enjoyed them. We can see the differences, they are quite obvious here. I let them brew until I felt it was done, (about 5 minutes) I suspect that this might be really good, but you really never know.

Its golden. Its probably made OUT  of pure gold*. You can eat gold you know, and now you can drink it, with your face! (Unless you don't have a face, then... well I'm sorry.)

Smell - It pretty much just smells like jasmine, its a bit more muddled, and carries a tiny bit of mint-y scent. I wouldn't brush my teeth with it, but I kinda want to. Jasmine is a very relaxing and flowery scent, but not in anyway perfumey. Mint is also relaxing. Cause its mint-like.

Taste - Its not horrible. Its just not fantastable. I put even parts of both tea, though, I should have put more mint, and less jasmine. Jasmine pretty much takes over, but it leaves a smoothness that carries a bit of mint on the edge of your tongue. Next time I'd probably do a 30% Jasmine tea and 70% Mint tea. Although, its pretty decent, just falls kind of flat, and lacks depth.

Overall - If you want jasmine tea with a hint of mint, you might really like this. I think it would do a lot better if I had different portions of each tea. Still relaxing to drink, and doesn't contain much caffeine. Mint tea itself is pretty much awesome. I love the cooling effect it has doing down.

(2 out of 5 tea leaves.)

Reviews of each tea: Jade Citrus Mint & Jasmine Dragon Pearls

*Metaphorical. Metaphorically awesome.

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