Saturday, June 21, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 1.

My biggest battle is extremely sugary drinks. I drink an absolute ton of Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi. This obviously isn't good and will lead me to have heart disease and various other problems that come from a lot of sugar and cal intake. Both heart disease and diabetes run in my family, too. So I think with all that being said, I am going to slowly pull myself off garbage drinks, and start my own personal Tea Revolution!

(Found @ Teavana)

This project I am going to call 365 Days of Tea. Each day, I'll sit down with a new tea, photograph it, brew it, enjoy it, and write a little bit about the tea and what I think. Right now I'm just going to fend for myself with the different types of teas I have in stock, however in the future, I'd like readers to be able to send me their favorite teas as well. I usually follow the directions as indicated on the container, but sometimes with herbal teas I add an extra minute or two because they usually don't brew strong enough for me. I use a grey tumbler mug type thing to brew my tea, as I don't have a regular tea pot yet.

(An extreme close-up I took of the tea)
Jade Cirtus Mint Green Tea (such a mouthful) looks like a typical green tea with some other herbs tossed-in. In the close-up you can actually see a twig on the left side, which I thought was rather interesting. It carries a very spearmint-y smell, which was actually pretty delightful.

(I usually drink straight out of the tumbler, but I wanted to show what the color was)

The Brew - I brewed it at 175F as it instructed me to, for about 2 minutes.

Color/Smell - As you can see it has a mild orange, sorta peach color. It also maintains the minty smell, which is nice. I should have removed the tea from the tumbler before pouring, to not get any strain leafs in the mug. Though this shouldn't effect taste in any way. Its just aesthetics really.

Taste - It isn't what I expected. The actual green tea aspect is really mild (At least for green teas). It carries an interesting back note of mint flavor, which kind of creates a cooling sensation as you swallow. I also taste a slight bitter note. This might be the citrus, which I can't seem to find any sense of anywhere else.

Overall - I would call this an every day tea. Something I could easily drink everyday. The mint flavor isn't very strong, but creates a cooling feeling in the throat and that makes me smile. It creates a good feeling with its mix of flavors. I'd probably also recommend this tea for those who are sick, or have a sore throat.

(3 and 1/2 out of 5 tea leaves. Recommended.)

Can be found here.

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