Monday, July 7, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 16: Organic Pu'erh Tea.

Highland Organics contacted me, although they only carry one tea; blue berry. Its a local place so I'm excited. I can't wait to try it. Its organic, too which is always a plus. Blue berries! (Also I know I did infusion Friday on a Saturday, but I totally forgot I was suppose to do it on Friday.. it wont happen again. haha)

Looks like a very good Pu'erh tea, nothing impure or strange about it. Notice how it looks like strains instead of pearls or leaves like other teas. The more raw product of Pu'erh is called Mao Cha, which is usually sold as is or pressed into shapes similar to Pu'erh. I've never tired Mao Cha, it seems a bit uncommon. Pu'erh is a ripened, fermented version of Mao Cha and its usually dark, while Mao Cha is usually green.

(I didn't realize this was so blurry, sorry, I'll work on a my photography a bit more)

Its a darker auburn color, like most typical dark or black teas. I kind of wish I had some of the shaped ones blocks of Pu'erh, though I don't think it changes the flavor. The Tea Spot company I got this from, does offer it in bricks as well. They almost look like little herby cookies. That is going on my list of tea I want to try for sure.

Smell - Pu'erh has an interesting smell, Its fermented, and that brings out a very mossy, earthy scent to it. Its almost mushroom-y in a way, but without the dirt. Its smells very fresh, not prefumey or chemical-y in anyway. If the Earth didn't have any people on it, I'd imagine this is what it would smell like.

Taste - It actually carries a very faint saltiness. Maybe something they do in the fermentation process. Its a very deep and complex taste, yet still remains light. I'd like to call it liquid earth, but its without any remnants of dirty or sandy favor. (Probably a good thing) Its not very roasted like English black would be, in fact, other than a similar tea color, they are worlds apart.

Overall - I very much enjoyed this tea. Pu'erh isn't a very commonly found tea where I'm from, and I've never even heard of it till I discovered it online. I've had it a few times, but it was alway mixed with something. This is my first time experiencing it on it's own and it was quite good.

(3 and a half tea leaves out of 5.)

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Wilma Approved.

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