Wednesday, July 30, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 39: Tea At Sea's Mountain Organic Indonesian Black Tea.

Graze saw my review of there box and they're sending me another free box, so that's pretty great news, and very nice of them. I look forward to review more of there snacks. I do have some more tea coming in the mail as well. Lots of exciting things going on!

Sadly though, this is my last tea from Tea At Sea. Perhaps I'll get more samples in the future? I guess we'll see. My experience with there tea has been really great, and I have high hopes for that company as well.

This is a black tea, so as we can tell: the leaves are very dark. The dark coloration is probably from them being rolled, and roasted.

Its brewing away. I like how my tea brewer, which is made for a glass mug, pretty much fits into any other mug, too. I don't always like glass mugs.

Its a pretty dark green, but my horrible photography does it no justice.

Teat At Sea usually offers very interesting aromas and flavors, and this is no different. It smells like a roasted mountain-side with a slight hint of sea breeze. Its carries a lot of depth, and complexity as well. The roasted flavor comes off very nutty, with an earthy under tone, and sea breeze finish.

It comes off as very dark and roasted flavor at first, but it's followed by a bit of earthiness. It almost tastes mildly salted, but that is from where it was grown. Tea At Seas's teas itself, may not be ground breaking, but where they are grown makes a huge differences. You can taste the care and love in every cup and it makes you smile.

I generally think that I had a great experience with Tea At Sea and would really hope to sample their products again in the future. I would highly recommend that anyone who is into tea, or curious about tea try out any of there products.

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