Saturday, July 5, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 14: Organic Yunnan Pu'erh Tea.

Good Earth Tea and Harney and Sons Fine Teas, both contacted me. Good Earth Tea is all tea bags instead of loose leaf, although normally I don't do a lot with tea bags, they offer some unique favors. Harney and Sons Fine Teas are up there with the high classy expansive teas, which is pretty cool. I'm hoping they are both interested in this project, and I'll update as I find out.

Organic Yunnan Pu'erh Tea.

Nothing too special to note here as far as looks go. I mean, it looks like a regular black tea. Pu'erh is actually a type of fermented black tea from Yunnan, China. Comparatively speaking pu'erh and english black tea and only similar in color, in taste they generally have two completely different panels of favors. (Minus maybe a "roasted" favor) Pu'erh also comes pressed into different shapes, bricks, cakes, and even melon shapes. Probably would try to eat if it was a shape. 

Its an extremely dark auburn color. Which is to be expected from a black style tea, since it usually gives off a much darker, roasted favor then say a green, or white tea. I suspect that it'll offer a deep, rich, and roasted favor. Though, I might also guess this could offer some surprising complexity as well.

Smell - This smells quite different, it took me a while to figure out how to explain it in words. Its extremely light, but with complexity. Its earthy but I don't want to say "dirt" it doesn't smell like dirt at all. It comes off more a rich mushroom with a tingle of moss. It smells like the forest floor, like damp fall leaves, and broken twigs. It might even smell like the rain is coming.

Taste - I want to say mushroomy, but thats a strange way to describe it. Its not quite that, its more like "it came from earth" favor. Like instead of it growing up like a plant, it grew around in the dirt, without collecting any of the dirt favor. It is probably the most earthy tea I've ever had. Its good, although my description might make it seem strange, I'd recommend it.

Overall - I imagine myself enjoying a cup of this while out reading a book under a tree. Its a very different and complex favor, but to me, it brings a whole new world of favor to the table. Its not something I've experienced before and its quite good.

(3 and a half out of 5 tea leaves.)

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