Thursday, July 17, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 27: Stash's White Chocolate Mocha Black Tea.

So The Tea Spot decided they wanted to start something called "Customer Spotlight", and they've picked me as one of their customer's to spotlight. That's pretty exciting. I'm going to try to reach out to healthy snack companies, too. Although this blog is mainly about tea, its most important factor is health.

Yep, this is a teabag. I know they have a pretty ugly rep in the tea business, but I actually have high hopes for this one. Stash tea, believe it or not, was my first experience with tea, including loose leaf.It contains: Cocoa shells, Black tea, cinnamon, tiramisu flavor, coffee flavor, chocolate flavor and white chocolate flavor. I think my one turn off is all the flavorings, instead of raw ingredients.

The minute I opened the package, the smell whooooshed right in my face. It was great. There isn't much to say about the details of the tea, since I can't really see through the tea bag.

There she blows!

3-5 minutes later. Its a dark orangey-yellow.

Smell - Its smells pretty amazing. Its very coffee-like in scent, that roasty, bean like smell. It also carries a slightly chocolate under tone as well. Its quite a strong scent, too, it was rather surprising.You can't smell really any of the black tea, but I did notice a small hint of cinnamon. Its quite nice.

Taste - It doesn't nearly taste as strong as it smells, but that's okay. It carries a very light black tea flavor, with some nice coffee-like undertones. Chocolate and coffee mix so well, so it can be hard to tell the differences in flavor. In this case though, the chocolate itself brings a little sweetness to the flavor profile. 

Overall - I really did enjoy this tea, I think its a very good dessert tea. Its sorta like drinking a chocolate covered black tea leaf/coffee bean. I think this tea would actually be a good transition for coffee lovers who either, hate tea, or are curious about tea. 

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