Wednesday, July 16, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 26: Harney & Sons Organic Black Tea.

I'm still expecting a few more packages in the mail. I actually contacted Harney & Sons, they asked me a simple question, then ignored my answer. Apparently they don't care very much for customer service.

I found this in the clearance at Shaws. I figured I would give it a try, since they refused to communicate. It was $1.99 marked down to $1.00. Couldn't hurt to try it at that price. Usually though, I'm finding pre-made teas like this to be way too sweet for me. I prefer my tea nearly raw and if not a little bit of sugar. Only one company so far makes a perfect pre-bottled ice tea, but I'l review that at a later date.

Smell - It doesn't carry much of a smell. Its sorta lemony with a hint of black tea, and honey. I know that it isn't lemon flavored, but I'm probably smelling something from how it was processed. I wouldn't suspect to taste much else but sugar and tea flavor, assuming it follows similar trends as other tea.

Taste - The taste isn't very strong, its actually a lot lighter than I expected. Its not very sugary either, which is surprising. It does has some room for improvement, though; the tea favor itself is very weak. Although it IS an ice tea, I still like it to be much stronger. I like to taste the leaves, and history of the generations of people who've cultivated the tea. This is really lacking that depth.

Overall - Its not a bad tea, it is still rather refreshing. I just feel like it could be better. They could brew it longer, or with more leaves. I might be a bit bias because I prefer my teas strong, and without sugar. It isn't overly sweet, actually it doesn't taste like it contains any sugar, but the overall flavor has much to be desired.

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