Saturday, July 19, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 28: Infusion Friday 3 - Nantucket Nector's Half & Half.

I was debating on whether or not I'd define this one as an infusion, but I decided that it is. I think that infusions are just combinations of teas with other teas and/or juices. Thats my definition and I'm sticking to it. Haters gonna hate. 

Nantocket Nectars is... actually made in Texas. I just found that kind of amusing. Its a pretty common brand here in Maine, and I've tried a few of there products. They seem very natural and not as processed as some other products. It contains SUGAR, instead of that there corn mess.

It carries a very sweet lemony scent, with a very slight tea under tone. It doesn't however, smell processed. You can kind of tell if its processed a lot by whether the scent is very raw, or chemically. It smells great. 

Its very lemony, much like what the aroma suggested, but it isn't too sweet either. I don't taste much tea flavor, but it is there and adds a tiny bit of bitterness as well as a roasted leaf-like flavor. Although that common tongue might not notice it as much as I do. I really enjoyed it.

Its decent. Very good grab-and-go kind of product. I know that half and half has been done a lot before, but I think its done much better here than most. It isn't overly sweet, or overly processed. It tastes like real lemons, and tea. 

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