Friday, June 27, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 6.

Some really awesome graphical changes to the blog thanks to Chris B. Pye. This blog is really coming along and seems to be becoming something a lot more than I'd ever hoped. I've had a little bit of trouble getting today's tea done. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so this one might be a bit short.

For those who don't know jasmine is a wonderfully scented shrub. It is almost always paired with green tea, but you can also have just plain jasmine tea, as well as oolong, or white. I've personally never seen a jasmine black tea. Dragons are magical creatures which consume the tea and jasmine while leaving pearl shaped droppings in it's wake. I've read that the general idea of rolling the tea into pearls is to help it release more favor, supposedly as it heats up it unrolls and that allows move favor to develop. Also as a side-note; its good to know that research has show that the smell of jasmine helps people sleep, so that might make this an appealing night time tea.

As far as looks are concerned, there isn't anything special. Its looks like tiny dragon poops  pearls of tea. They're sort of hard to the touch, but not as hard as a rock.

It has a fantastic golden color. Its almost the same color as a flat beer. The tea is very clear, and contains almost no residue.

Smell - Out of all the teas I've had in my life-time, jasmine has always maintained the most appealing smell. Jasmine has a special kind of smell. You'd assume because its a flower that the smell would be quite perfumey, but it's not. Its sort of like that smell you remember from when you were a child, and you can't quite understand where it was coming from, but you loved it anyways. Very lilac-y, scent without any notes from the green tea, and that is okay. The smell alone is very relaxing, and soothes the mind.

Taste - Ever heard the saying "It tastes like it smells"? That fully-embodies the favor of this tea. It taste just as good as it smells. Its a soft, yet complex favor, Its flower-y but in a very gentle way. Its not sweet, or bitter, its perfectly balanced.

Overall - If you want a absolutely amazing tea, that nearly fits into every aspect of that a perfect tea could be, then Jasmine Dragon Pearls is what I'd recommend. If I had a complaint, I'd say that I wish I could taste the "green tea" more in this. This tea not only warms up your soul, it soothes your heart. It can take any bad mood, and make you smile. This is what tea is all about.

(4 and a half out of five tea leaves. I would have given it a perfect score if I could have tasted more green tea.)

(They stopped carrying this exact tea, but the closest one can be found here.)

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