About Me

Yep that's me.

I am a photographer, pet owner, animal advocate, artist, crafter, candle sniffer, laugh-maker, word-typer, blog-owner, android lovin, windows user, I like classical music, and heavy metal. I like rock candy, and bubble-gum. I love hate quit soda. I love and experience tea.

I say a lot of weird things, I'm an over-thinker, over-worrier, and under-sleeper. I love long short walks to on the beach fridge. Weight loss is my ultimate goal, I've come to a point in live where it is vital that I make a change.

The first and hardest step is for me to quit soda. Its been done, but I'll always be an addict. Every time I see it, I mildly go insane. This is why I started my 365 Days of Tea project.

The idea of the 365 days of tea project, is to promote and be a living proof of the long-term benefits of tea. Each day I try to review a different tea, although, my stock correctly is limited so I'll have to start making my own blends. There are a limitless amount of health benefits that tea can offer, as the year goes by I'll become more living proof of that. At the time of writing this, its been a long 15 days, and I have not had soda once. At first my body wasn't very happy. The lack of calorie intake, caffeine (Although tea contains caffeine, not nearly as much as soda) and the worst was sugar. I cut my sugar down by nearly 70%. The first few days were okay, then my body started to reaction, I couldn't sleep, and had a constant headache. Generally now though; I only have a headache once in a while, everything else seems normal. After my body completely detoxes from that crap, I'll start seeing the real efforts of the tea.

Each review I do actually requires quite a bit of work from me, and usually take a big portion of my day. I do a lot of research, both by drinking the tea and researching what the tea actually is. Some companies might be interested in sending me samples (and they have before) but I will always share my honest opinion, which no company can buy.

Simba says, "Drink your tea!"