Sunday, July 27, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 36: Steeped Tea's Organic Strawberry Fields.

So I should be getting more tea in the mail next week - which is great! I'm going to compose a list of things I'm going to spend paypal donation money on. Though I haven't received any financial donations, I'm still going to create the list so others have a concept of what I'm spending it on. I'm not looking to make money off this blog - I only want to use money to improve this blog.

I am doing Steeped Tea's Organic Strawberry Fields, which I completely forgot to get a base photo of, but its right in that image - somewhere. 

As you can see, we have some green tea leaves, as well as some papaya pieces. Although I don't directly see any strawberry pieces, Its very leafy, but it doesn't appear to be whole leaves, it looks like leaf pieces. Which is actually why tea bags have such a bad rep, they often use pieces instead of whole leaf.  Whole leaf usually offers a fully bodies tea, but in some cases that isn't such a big deal. There is also good tea bag teas, too.

Yep - I totally put my loose leaf brewer into a smaller cup. I do what I want.  I brewed it for 2 minutes, as stated in the packaging.

Upon farther inspection of the tea leaves after they've opened, and been steeped. I discovered that they are more whole leafy then I originally suspected. So that is some pretty good news there. It's quite green, too. Now for the taste!

The scent of strawberry very lightly tickles your nose, with some papaya slowly following behind. While inhaling you can also smell an overall "leafyness" which is proven to be from the tea leaves. It isn't too perfumery or artificial. Its comes off as a very clean scent, I don't feel like I just sniffed carpet cleaner, so thats good.

To my surprise, the strawberry flavor is really in the back seat here. You can kind of tell that they leaves were out as full-bodied as they could have been, the green tea flavor itself isn't quite as strong as I would have liked. It does retain some earthiness, though. The strawberry flavor rather lingers in the background, but this is how I'd prefer it. As you sip the tea, at first you just taste the green tea leaves, then towards the back of your mouth you kind of get a hint of strawberry, and a hint of sugar. Might sound strange, but I can tell that the dried papaya had sugar on it. Its a very very faint taste, but its too artificial tasting to be from the actual fruit. You probably won't even notice it.

So far my experiences with Steeped Tea hasn't been fantastic, but I think its getting better. I sort of get the feeling that they care more about the amount of tea vs how good the tea is. I'm not saying Steeped Tea is a bad company, I'm just saying that so far they don't really stand out. That being said though, this was still a pretty decent tea and I'd drink it again.

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