Thursday, July 31, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 40: Steeped Tea's Earl Grey De La Creme.

 This is my last tea from Steeped Tea, at least for now. They do carry a lot of great products so in the future, I would love to order from them. Also horray! 40 days since I started. :)

Earl Grey De La Creme. Its a black tea as you can tell.  Earl grey tea is a special kind of tea that is always a black tea with oil of bergamot as a flavoring. A bergamot is a type of citrus fruit, similar to an orange.

It looks quite pretty. You can clearly see the black tea leaves, and the wonderful cornflowers.

Its pretty dark.

It has a really deep scent. At first it carries a flowery scent, which comes from the corn flowers, but as that slowly fades away you collect a hint of citrus. Its nice, delicate yet complex. It isn't too prefumey either.

It doesn't taste as roasted as I would have expected. Though it does carry some interesting depth. Its not very flowery, but does carry a tiny hint of it. It actually tastes mildly creamy, though, it isn't thick. It also has a very delicate citrusy flavor, much like an orange and lemon mixture. I'm just glad that it isn't remotely as flower as that trash I had before.

This is finally something really good from Steeped Tea. It carried depth, and also quite delicate. It speaks with high class, but my one complaint is "natural flavors". I'd like to know whats in it. Keep in mind that I do review loose leaf teas at a higher standard then I review tea bags.

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