Friday, July 4, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 13: Bolder Breakfast.

I'm mildly frustrated, or actually more like disappointed. I've reached out to companies, they've replied, asked for my information, I gave them my information. They stated they would send me samples for review, sometimes they do, other times they don't. A few of the companies who have sent me review products don't seem to actually care about the reviews themselves, they send the product and ignore me afterwards. I don't think companies/people understand the amount of effort I put into these posts, sometimes it takes an entire day. I do a lot of research, and I usually taste the tea all day before coming to an opinion. So these samples are not really free. I work, really hard for them. Putting stuff up on facebook/twitter/pinterest/instagram, all of this takes time and effort. Alright back to the tea, this was suppose to post last night but blogspot hates me. (The tea spot, which makes this tea hasn't really been ignoring me, this has nothing to do with them.)

Bolder Breakfast

This tea contains black tea, pu'erh, and chocolate. Its quite near impossible to tell them apart in the photograph.  There are some yellow threads throughout, but I'm not entirely sure what that is. Its pretty looking at least.

Dark, roasted auburn color. A bit darker than regular tea,  but lighter then just black tea. I think the pu'erh being in the mix lightened it a bit. Tea at sea is totally in the background getting free advertising. This tea contains more caffeine then regular tea because of the combination of different caffeine adding ingredients which makes it a perfect breakfast tea. Probably why it's called Bolder breakfast, eh?  I suspect that because it contains black tea that it'll overwhelm the over favors. 

Smell - its a very deep roasted smell, with a subtle hint of chocolate. Its woods-y, almost like a camp fire. I should put marshmallows in it. The chocolate scent is deep, not a sugar milk chocolate kind of thing. Almost like cocoa nibs instead of processed chocolate. This gives me some hope that the chocolate has more depth than I originally thought.

Taste - It carries a common roasted black tea kind of depth, but with a stronger hint of woodsyness. Its a strong tea, but it to my surprise it doesn't entirely muddle the taste of the chocolate. The chocolate waits in hiding until the tea is just about off your tongue, kind of like a whisper. Its still a bit subtle, but its very pleasant and adds a new depth of favor.

Overall - Its a very impressive tea. It gives a lot of depth and really wakes you up, but it feels like a more natural wake up. It doesn't have a very strong chocolate taste, but you can tell it is there. It carries better chocolate favor than the chocolate coffees I've had. They should change the name to Whisper of Chocolate Wake-up. 

(4 and a half out of 5 tea leaves.)

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Simba approved.

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