Friday, July 11, 2014

A Journey Towards True Freedom.

I've always been interested in the freedom to craft landscape to my needs. I've always imagined myself living in a small RV, with a dog, and the love of my life, and having this large field of live-stock and a massive garden. Of course, I'd also need solar power, and want to live off the grid as much as I could.

I've always felt like working in retail or an office, wasn't really living. You worked just to pay bills to fill your life with stuff, and its mostly unnecessary. I want to wake up, collect eggs from my own chickens, eat a breakfast from food I created, and simply live. I think its more reasonable to worry about treating a sick cow, than it is to worry about what the latest clothing, or if I could afford to pay rent this month.

I'm not saying; I want to be a free-loader. I'm saying that I want to live in this world my own two hands. Life is a gift, and I want to be able to truly live on my own terms. Its obvious that I'd need some form of income to order to pay for things like gas, or other foods that I can't grow, but I can sell the things I cultivate, or live-stock I breed. In some cases I can also trade.

It isn't an easy life, but I think its the only way my heart wants me to be.

This is a stepping stone in my goal:

Getting rid of things that are unnecessary is the start.

I will walk on my own two feet.

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