Monday, July 14, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 23: A Kiss From A Rose.

So this was suppose to post yesterday as well.. There is some strange error with my account where it'll randomly log me out when I try to post or change anything. 

Bar harbor was pretty fun, we went to a few places that were interesting, which I might post about later, but the important place I went is called "Bar Harbor Tea Company."  Which seemed like a really fancy tea place. I decided to give one a try and I bought "A Kiss From A Rose". I've also tried to contact them in the past, but they completely ignored me. HOWEVER, I will not base my review on their customer service.

It came in this cute little box. I was hoping that the inside would be some resealable plastic.

Nope its not resealable. Sad.

It actually looks really pretty. The rose bits are mixed in nicely, but not too much. This should create a very smooth, black tea, with some rosey under tones. I'm excited for the outcome.

So it brews a bit more pink-ish then what the photograph shows, it seems that my flash completely blew out the slight shade of pink. Now let's have a taste!

Smell - I've had tea with roses in it before, and it usually carried a rather strong perfume-y scent. Any remnants of black tea is completely lost. Its less like a kiss from a rose, and more like a punch in the face from burning murder rose.

Taste - You know those old grandmas who lost a lot of sense of smell, and cover the scent of their rotting bodies with massive amount of perfume? Try drinking that. All forms of tea is completely buried and slaughtered in this overwhelming rose flavor. I'm not even sure why it contains any tea at all, they should just sell it as dried roses. I've tried quite a few teas with rose in it, and they were never nearly as awful as this.

Overall - If you want your breathe to smell like roses, while ingesting old lady sweat, then I'd highly recommend you buy this! I have to think that they probably took a really bad black tea, and just wanted to throw it away, so they masked it with tons of roses.

Yum - I love drinking perfume!

(0 out of 5)

Can be found @

p.s. I actually love old people, and old ladies are the best, but I would not advise drinking them, so please don't.

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