Tuesday, July 15, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 24: GT's Kombucha Trilogy.

I'm not gonna lie, kombucha is really strange at first. What I tired before was really just straight kombucha, this other one has fruit juices in it. Also slight site update, but I did add a donation button to my side bar, this isn't because I'm desperate, its moreso just to raise more fund to buy more tea, and bring more content to the blog. Its not a pity party.

Also if companies actually sent me packages, I should be getting them soon.

Teavana sent me a $25 gift card, which was, extremely awesome, but I don't know which teas to get. If you read this look at teavana's website and give me some ideas!

It looks pretty much the same, minus the colorful graphics on the bottle. It also states "Reawaken, rebirth, repurpose, redefine." I wonder if its going to bring me back to life if I died. KOMBUCHA ZOMBIES? 

Smell - It carries and strong vinegar tastes, which might be off-setting for some, but it isn't actually so bad. Its more like the smell of a strong pickle that doesn't have any dill in it. Its a bit lighter than the other one.

Taste - To my surprise, this one doesn't taste nearly as vinegary. It contains fruit juices this time, raspberry, lemon and ginger, so that probably off-sets the vinegar taste. Its very carbonated, which is nice since, I'm a recovering soda-addict and now that I no longer crave the sugar, or calories, I just miss the bubbles.

Overall - I'll admit that kombucha is gut wrenching the first time you experience. I mean there is actually flowing brown stuff in it, and it smells pretty off-putting for a drink. Honestly though, its extremely good for you and the taste grows on you, but I wouldn't recommend any original flavor's. This whole body is only 60 calories, and loaded with stuff thats good for your body. I think it's pretty freaking sweet.

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