Monday, July 21, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 30: Stash's Salted Caramel Mate Herbal & Black Tea.

I am still planning to do something special because its been 30 days since I started this product, I just didn't have the time to do so today, but it's coming, just at a later date. I'm still waiting for some tea in the mail, and I've contacted some healthy food companies for review products as well so, we'll see where that leads if, anywhere.

Salted Caramel Mate Herbal & Black Tea, I suspect this is probably pretty sweet, and doesn't carry much tea flavor.

I can't really tell whats going on in here, but I would guess there is some artificial and natural flavorings, too. I am a bit sad that, even though tea is such a raw, flavorful thing that a lot of companies still load it with crap.

its a pretty dark-ish red color.

It smells pretty fantastic. Very caramel-y. That roasted sugar-like scent. Its strange to think, but it smells sweet. If you took the sweet away it'd probably smell similar to coffee. Though, I have a feeling that most of this scent is artificial. That doesn't make it smell any less awesome, however.

Although, the aroma tricks you into thinking it's sweet, but it actually isn't. Which is what I prefer, I like to be able to control my sweetness levels. Its very coffee-like actually, the caramel flavor reminds of it.  The black tea barely makes an appearance at all, but I think that with how strong the caramel flavor is that, that is okay.

Now besides the fact that I am disappointed in the artificial-ness in the tea, I think that its a very good desert tea. I am surprised but I really enjoyed this. It isn't sweet like you'd expect, but you could easily add sugar, or honey to this to add good flavor.

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