Tuesday, July 29, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 38: Good Earth's Sweet Chai of Mine.

I know I've recently done a Good Earth tea but I've been drinking today's tea pretty often so I decided to review it. I've had quite a lot of this box so far, and I'll probably finish all of the tea bags. I promise to do more loose leaf soon!

Sweet Chai Of Mine is chai tea, which I know we'ved talked about a bit before. Chai tea is usually black tea mixed with herbs and spices. This tea nails that right on the head.

The bag of goodness.

Magical brewing vault. Turns hot water into magic water, then into tea. I drank that tea, sometimes all of it. I often find myself chewing on the mug, wishing for more.

Its hard to describe, but it smells like my nose popped off and walked into an Indian spice shop. The licorice root is a very dominating scent, but at the same time, its being layered with hints of cinnamon, glove, and ginger. There is even a very small trace of black pepper that tickles your nose. It smells great.

At first when you sip, it takes a moment, it lingers, waits. It tastes almost like nothing, but then, it happens. Suddenly your mouth is filled with a very deep, rich, mixture of roasted spices. The licorice rot makes it self known first, the clove, cardamon and nutmeg slowly come into focus. Its almost like a tea that changes flavors as you drink it. This isn't tea anymore, this is wizard magic.

Now, I can say that this tea isn't for everyone. This tea is for the office worker having a bad day, the late night gamer needing a break, the younger mother needing a piece of mind. There is a lot of depth here, which is extremely surprising for a tea bag. I like said though, not all tea bags are created equal.

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