Saturday, July 12, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 21: Infusion Friday 2.

New graphics thanks to They look really fantastic. Let me know if you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Today I'm doing things sort of differently than I usually do. I want to infuse the blue berry with the mint, but the blue berry requires a much longer steeping time, so I'm creating TWO different teas and combining them after they are steeped. I think this is the only want to get a perfect infusion.

In this image I am brewing both teas. The blue berry in the tumbler, and the mint in the glass mug. (These are the only infusers I have at this time :< Send me some?) I'm using Organic Whole Plant Blue Berry Tea, and Jade Citrus Mint Tea. Let's hope this works!

Finally I combine them completely. It was still pretty hot so I didn't touch it for about ten minutes. Apparently my tumbler doesn't like to give up heat, which is a good thing. Ignore my dusty desk.

Smell - The scent of the blue berries is rather lost here. It almost exclusively smells of mint. Mint is a pleasant scent however, so its rather calming. It also smells mildly leafy, probably because the jade citrus mint tea contains some tea leaves as well. I'm excited to try it out!

Taste - Since both teas are generally light in flavor, they actually make a really complex but delicate combination. At first the blue berry tea flavor envelopes your sense, but then a tingling of mint is followed. The mint also carries a cooling sensation down your throat as well. Its really good. My only wish is that the mint came through a little stronger. This might also make some pretty good ice tea, I know the blue berry tea itself does.

Overall - I really enjoy Infusion Fridays, I gives me a chance to make up interesting new flavors and allows my tea to go a bit further. Combinations like these are a really good idea. Although when you think about it, "Blue berry and mint?" it might seem weird, but it works extremely well. What should I try next week?

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