Tuesday, July 1, 2014

365 Days of Tea - More Tea.

I received more tea today. This time from Tea At Sea. I was debating if I wanted to do another unboxing or not, I decided that although I do like doing unboxings, this blog would slowly become overridden by them. I am still going to do them, just not every single time.

(Try to ignore the crap all over my desk an the trash bag in the background, haha.)
I will admit first hand that the little boat thing is pretty cute, I also really like there packaging.

  • Mountain Organic Indonesian Black Tea
  • Yunnan Organic Pu'erh Tea
  • Yunnan Organic Black Tea
  • Mountain Organic Indonesian Green Tea
  • Ceylon Sencha Green tea
  • Wu Yi Mountain Oolong
  • Ceylon Flowery Fannings Extra Special (Sounds like a drug.)
I can't wait to try them all!

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