Rating Policy

Just a general ratings break-down.

0 Tea leaves - It probably sucked really bad and I'd never recommend trying it.

Half a Tea Leaf - It sucked bad, but for some reason it had a slight redeeming quality or maybe the packaging was just cool. Either way, I wouldn't recommend it.

1 Tea Leaf - Same as previous, only slightly better.

1 and a half Tea Leaves - Maybe the tea tasted okay but had an awful smell.

2 Tea Leaves - A really weak tea, or something extremely processed.

2 and a half Tea Leaves - Its getting better, I could drink it more than once, I might recommend it a little bit.

3 Tea Leaves - Most standard healthy whole leaf teas will fall here. Nothing too special about it, but its still the "bread and butter" so-to-speak. I'd recommend.

3 and a half Tea Leaves - Barely better than your run of the mill tea, but its still a really good experience.

4 Tea Leaves - Uncommon flavor profile, and offers an interesting experience, as well as being very tasteful. 

4 and a half Tea Leaves - Usually pretty awesome tea, highly recommend it.

5 Tea Leaves - I'd highly recommend buy it, I really enjoyed it, and I think you would too.

5 Gold Leaves - Drop whatever you're doing and go buy this tea. Its tea from the gods.

I wouldn't recommend.

I lightly recommend it, but you're not missing much.

I recommend it.

I highly recommend it, offers an amazing experience.

I don't care what you're doing, it isn't as important as trying this tea. Stop giving birth, and/or dying and go buy this tea, other things can wait!

There you go! A general break-down of all my ratings!

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  1. HAHA I love this page! Very well said - the graphics are an added bonus