Wednesday, July 9, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 19: Organic Whole Plant Blue Berry tea.

So I reached out to a local blue berry farm, Highland Organics because I noticed on there website they carry "Blue berry tea" and I found that to be quite interesting since it was made from real blue berries instead of artificial flavoring.

The Package. (Yes my address is actually just a black square. Makes shipping things easier)

The literature, which is very well printed and informative. I'll probably keep it forever.

 The actual tea. This is also the nicest tea sample packaging I've gotten so far. Its very solid, and reusable. Reusability is the HUGE thing, ALL companies should use reusable containers to avoid waste. If I had a big ol' BEST CONTAINER AWARD, I'd put it here.

This tea is really pretty. Its made up of whole dried blue berries and stems and leaves. Its very blue-ish purple. Its flakey and powdery, so it got all over my desk and the world. What's really interesting though, is that because of the way this tea is processed, it actually contains nearly double the antioxidants than blue berries. Keep in mind that blue berries have second highest count of antioxidants, ever. So this tea is basically super tea. Its extremely good for you.

Its a deep purple color, which is to be expected since its made from blue berries. Please ignore my desk, its full of tea, dust, and tea dust.

Smell - The smell is very subtle, but its there. It carries a very faint blue berry scent with a slight leafy overtone. There isn't much else to say about it's smell. Its good.

Taste - The taste is unremarkable. Its extremely refined, but delicate. Very smooth, I could drink it all day. It carries a pleasant blue berry favor, but it isn't sweet. It tastes very raw, and unprocessed. Highland organics really lets the blueberries speak for themselves, and they speak volumes. Although, the favor itself is as strong as something like a black tea, it still carries very well. It is not bitter in anyway and the leaves and stems carry a very faint earth-y-ness to the table.

Overall - This is really what local farms are all about. Their quality is untouchable. Their attention to details, not only because its their livelihood, but because they actually love and care about what they do. To them these blue berries are life, to me, they are heaven. We talked about possibly taking a tour in the fall of their farm, and I will definitely blog about that. I would also really love to taste their Organic Blueberry Barque.

(5 out of 5 gold tea leaves, which is something I'd only give if I felt it deserved more than 5.)

Can be found @

p.s. this makes amazing ice tea, but I didn't review that here.


  1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed a taste of wild Maine blueberries in every sip. We are all about real food and tea for real people. When you come in the fall, we will make sure you get to taste ou r barque! Your friends at Highland Organics.