Wednesday, July 9, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 18: Ceylon Sencha Green Tea.

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Ceylon Sencha Green Tea. Sencha refers to a whole leaf japanese green tea, as opposed to matcha, which is a powdered green tea. (I have some to review at a later date) Ceylon is actually the original name of Sri Lanka. So all that being said, this tea is a whole leaf green tea from Sri Lanka. As you can tell from the images, it looks very leafy, and not rolled or pearled. Its in a very raw state. They are lightly steamed for 20 seconds before they are dried. I suspect that this would enrich it's sweetness as well as mellow the flavor.

Its a very nice light golden color. Fairly typical of tea.

Smell - There almost isn't even a smell. Its very faint. It smells leafy, and natural. I know that sounds odd, but it smells like it came from the  earth. Not chemically or artificial in anyway, like some other teas.

Taste - I don't want to say its a weak green tea, but it is a very mellow tea, and quite smooth. Its a very relaxing, and gentle tea. This is something that could be great paired with a fall lunch, on a rainy day. Its quite leafy in flavor, with a very natural and raw taste.

Overall - Well I can't say it's my favorite green tea, I can say that it is a very good green tea. I'd like to try other versions of sencha green tea, and see what other variations on flavor there is. I think that if you're new to green tea this might be a good start. After I try matcha, I'll compare the two.

(3 and a half out of 5 tea leaves.)

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