Friday, July 25, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 34: Good Earth's Citrus Kiss.

So today my box from Good Earth finally came. I was pretty excited because Good Earth is a company I've had no experience with, and they've been extremely nice to me so far. They offer some pretty interesting flavors as well.

I was actually expecting samples, but they sent me full boxes. I am REALLY thankful for this actually, because sometimes the sample isn't enough for me to really judge a tea. Some teas require a few cups before I decide on an opinion. This also means that I can share with my friends. Perhaps a mini give away?  We'll see!

I decided to try another citrus flavor, hoping it would taste better than the last one. Good Earth prides itself on not using artificial crap in there products, also kosher and gluten free. 

Typical packaging for a tea bag. Fancy colors, nice tones.

Typical tea bag. Very bag like, much tea inside. Smells great.

There is tea in there, somewhere. I like orange, this mug is pretty cool. (Only the college it came from, sucks). This tea contains the following: Green tea, lemongrass, natural lemongrass flavor with other natural flavors, rose petals, chamomile, citric acid, sweet blackberry leaf, lemon myrtle, steviol glycosides (stevia), natural flavor. So I'm not sure what to expect but, it might be a little sweet from the stevia.

The first thing I ever noticed about this tea, and how strong it's aroma is. I'm honestly surprised, I could smell it just from opening the box. Its very fruity in scent, sorta like a mixture of lime, lemongrass, and maybe a hint of orange. It actually smells sweet. As the aroma rolls down your nose, you can very faintly pick up a hint of green tea. This makes me suspect that; the flavor will mostly be the other components instead of the green tea.

It carries a very very subtle sourness to it, but its mostly kept in check by the sweetness. Its surprising, but nice. The base flavor is definitely the citrus flavor, I can't really detect any green tea at all. Green tea itself isn't very strong though, so its easily overpowered. Its very fruity, you can taste the lemongrass really well, and it sorta tastes like there is a hint of orange in there, too. Its lightly sweet, which is nice.

This is one of the better teas in a tea bag I've had yet. It carries some depth, as well as being slight sweet. Its not loaded with tons of garbage either. Although I do wish the green tea would stand out a bit more, but I think its a pretty decent tea overall.

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