Thursday, July 24, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 33: Lipton's Citrus Green Tea.

So another moment when blogspot screws up and doesn't let me post anything last night. I figured out that it gets worst during certain times of the day. So, that being said, I should have more stable posts from now on. Also; I'm looking to transfer to a full domain and wordpress, as soon as I can magically make money.

This is called Citrus Green Tea, and it comes in various sizes, but I bought a jug because jugs are cool.  (And I could totally reuse a jug, its harder to reuse smaller 20oz bottles.) It was also pretty cheap at my local tradewinds, I think it was like $2.49.

Generally speaking I've never been a huge fan of Lipton tea. I feel like its the worst possible mainstream brand you can find. All my experiences with their tea bag teas, have been sub-par. That being said though, I will always give a tea a chance. I also hope that over the years, they've improved the product quality and I hope they prove me wrong.

It mostly smells like a leafy green tea, with a general citrus aroma. Nothing specifically shines through, however. You can kind of tell its pretty chemically, and not a natural scent. This is what I expected though, and it'll probably be way too sweet.

Its kind of hard to explain the flavor of this. It has the bitterness of over-brewed tea, but it's also very sweet. It tastes citrus-y, but I can't pin point which citrus fruits it might be. It does carry a very light green tea-like flavor, but its very lost by the citrus flavor, and sweetness. Its not bad, but its just very "typical american" product.

Generally speaking this tea doesn't taste all that bad, but it's loaded with so much artificial crap. I mean the second ingredient is corn syrup, so that being said, I would never assume that this is a healthy drink. In fact, after I drink this jug (as I don't want to waste it) I will probably never buy it again.

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  1. Sounds like the scientists over at Lipton Lab made a good tea product ;) dump it out!! lol

    1. I actually thought about tossing it, but I don't like being wasteful.