Monday, July 21, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 31: Tea At Sea's Mountain Organic Indonesian Green Tea.

It seems like Good Earth Tea has been having issues trying to send me tea, but today they were fixed and I should get my tea by Friday. So that's cool.

Tea At Sea's Mountain Organic Indonesian Green Tea, looks like green tea. You can tell its whole leaf, too because it also contains the stems. This is usually a good sign, and often means fuller-bodied and better flavor. Tea At Sea's teas are usually slightly different in flavor profile because they are grown at higher altitudes. Believe it or not, they usually taste more earthy, and sometimes slightly salty.

Green tea doesn't require a long time to steep, and it doesn't carry a lot of magical wizard color-changing either. Thats okay though, because green tea is generally pretty awesome. What I like about this tea though; its organic, and its just tea leaves. No fruit, sugar, or junk added.

It doesn't smell like much, which is actually a good thing. It tells me what I already knew; it isn't loaded with junk. It's pure, tea. It carries a very faint leaf aroma, with a slight hint of earthiness. Its what I expect a green tea to smell like.

Tea At Sea can really surprise me sometimes, this isn't a typical green tea at all. It carries very different, and vastly complex flavor. Its almost like it was partial made from seaweed. Sounds a bit strange in text, but its quite fantastic. Its kind of like sipping a airy breeze from the ocean, with hints of roasted leaves, and earthiness tones. You can almost taste new depth each sip.

This is some really good stuff. If you like green tea, but want a bit more depth, this is for you then. Tea At Sea really produces some great products, and it shows in this tea. They don't carry a lot on their website, and that's perfectly okay because what they do carry is good enough to stand on it's own. They don't have any flashy gimmicks, just pure good tea.

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