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Healthy Snack Reviews - Graze Box: Calorie Counter Box 1.

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Graze is a snack box that you can set up to come in a set amount of time, its automatically set to once a week, but you can set it to every two weeks, once a month, or whatever you want. They offer a few different box types, but I choose the "Calorie Counter". The "Calorie Counter" box is (As stated on their website:http://www.graze.com/us/health/our-boxes-explained) "calorie controlled snacking our imaginative range of over 50 snacks contains no more than 150 calories per serving." They actually have a wide range of snacks, so you can go a few boxes without seeing anything twice. Its actually quite a nice surprise.

Each package is usually about one serving. Keep in mind that this box isn't huge, and fits in your regular mail box...That being said, its actually perfect sized for snacking. What do we have here?

  • Pomodoro Rusticshella (Cheese croutons, tomato baguettes, and tomato & herb almonds)
  • Key Lime Pie (Lime raisins, mini meringues, sponge pieces, and green raisins)
  • Chili & Lime Pistachios
  • Morning Energizer (Dried Cherries, dried, pears, and walnuts)
Lets review them all!

Key Lime Pie.

I do like raisins but I'm not a huge fan of limes, nor key lime pie. I went to key west about a year ago and tried supposedly the world's most famous key lime pie, and it was awful. The lime raisins were just a tad bit lime-y, it wasn't over-powering in anyway, so I actually enjoyed them. Sponge pieces are just sort of like a vanilla cookie, but a bit softer/chewier. They were pretty good, too. The green raisins were good, nothing special to say about them though, they're just raisin-y.  Now the mini meringues... They're like small little bites of heaven. They're hard, yet melt in your mouth. That almost too sweet flavor. Oh man, I wanted a huge bag of just those.

Pomodoro Rustichella.

I have not idea what that means. Its sort of like a chex mix, but a lot better. The cheese croutons, tomato baguettes, and almonds were all pretty good. Though, nothing really stood out, but it all mixed well together. If I ever got another box I wouldn't complain about this being in there for sure.

Chili Lime Pistachios.

These were actually really good. Although, as I said before I'm not a huge fan of lime. In this case though, they don't seem very lime-y. The chili flavor comes off a lot more strong, and it has a very subtle lime flavor to kind of cut into that spiciness.  

Morning Energizer.

This felt like your typical trail mix with higher quality ingredients. It was pretty decent. Walnuts are naturally really dry, so they counter-act that dryness with nice dried cherries. Although, I would prefer to not get this one again, only because it is my least favorite out of the bunch.

I think for the price it's a pretty good deal. I generally didn't feel like I was eating a bunch of crap, and I didn't feel sick after eating it either. A lot things like heavily butter popcorn will usually leave a person feeling horrible and this didn't do that at all. I'm pretty impressed with Graze.

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