Monday, June 30, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 10: Coconut Cabana.

I'd like to start off by making one thing very clear to my readers; I will never, ever sell my opinion. Someday, I may or may not have sponsors or people who donate product to me, but I will always be honest about my feelings in reviews. If a company sends me a bad product, I'll tell you its a bad product. I will also make it clear to the company sending the review products as well. It also seems that one or two companies are starting to pay attention to me, this is good, and exciting.

This isn't actually the tea I'm going to review, but I wanted to talk a little bit about the packaging. (I actually already opened, and discarded the packaging for the tea I'm reviewing - whoops!) Now keep in mind that this isn't their regular packaging, this is for a sample product. They also have these really awesome tins. I'm totally heart-broken that I didn't get a cool tin, so I could be in the cool people club. I guess I'm not cool enough. A lot of review products are typically sent in less then appealing packaging, companies don't realize that your first impression is literally the packaging. The Tea Spot's packaging is actually really nice. Although I kinda wish I had a cool "The Tea Spot" sticker. So I can stick it all over my face. My only complaint is that I wish it was resealable, because a lot of first time tea-seers wont have a tin or two laying around. I was lucky because I had one.

The real tea I'm reviewing is called Coconut Cabana.

You can clearly see a very pretty looking oolong. Oolong almost always appears like a burnt or roasted green tea. This oolong is called "milk oolong" which tells me that it is from Taiwan, since it was developed there in the 1980s and supposedly creates a milky, smooth taste.The coconut is unsweetened, which is ideal. I ate a piece of it raw, it was horrible. I expect the milk oolong and coconut to pair perfectly. 

Very nice golden color - as expected from most teas. 

Smell - It smells amazing. Its a very pure coconut scent, it doesn't feel faked either. Its a very "raw" scent, and carries a little earthyness from the oolong. Its not prefumey at all. It is very pleasing and excites the pallet. 

Taste - Its a very mild taste. Very earthy, and carries sort of a creamyness to it. I think the coconut actually added a bit of oil, which makes it taste slighty more thick then regular tea. The coconut favor almost seems absent at first, and you might only notice the smell of it until the second or third sip, then you suddenly notice that towards the end, you get a very smooth coconut favor. Not sugary, but still sweet in a very natural way. This favor is complex, its deep, yet subtle. I get the sense that I'm on the beach, but a beach full of earthy forest.

Overall - I am extremely impressed with The Tea Spot's first tasting so far. I could and pretty much did drink this tea all day. Not to mention that oolong has a decent amount of caffeine, gives you energy, and helps with weight-loss. The coconut also aids with a lot of these things, too. Its an extremely healthy tea (As long as you don't add a ton of sugar) and its also a very delicious tea.

(4 out of 5 tea leaves.)

Tea can be found here.

I also want to mention that - I'm always a huge fan of companies giving back to charities and The Tea Spot donates 10% of all sales to cancer research. The CEO - Maria Uspenski is also a cancer survivor.  (More details on this can be found here.) Companies like this who, support the little guy (like me) and charities definitely deserve my business and respect.


  1. Corey! So happy you are getting sponsors. Your reviews are fantastic. I really want to try this coconut flavored tea....I think it will be either a love or a hate for me lol Send some down to Carolina!!

    1. Haha - well if I ever get anymore samples I'll send them your way. I'm almost out myself, I used a lot of it. It's one of my favorites so far!

  2. Thanks so much for this thoughtful review Corey! You are fast becoming our favorite tea blogger :) From all of us at The Tea Spot, cheers!

    Also so everyone knows, we do offer re-sealable bags and tea tins (that are really cute, as Corey mentions!) ;) our five serving samples are the only size we offer that's not re-sealable. Typically people go through our samples so quickly that a seal isn't needed, but we do offer larger sealed options ideal for long-term tea storage.

    Thanks again Corey, you rock. Happy Sipping!

    1. Thank you for commenting Katie, I really enjoy all the teas from the tea spot so far! I can't wait to try more.