Sunday, August 3, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 41: Good Earth's Sweetly Twisted.

This is posted late because: blogspot. Also I didn't do an infusion Friday this time around because I am feeling very under the weather and didn't want to risk consuming something disgusting. So I did some Good Earth tea, since I already drink it, but haven't review it yet.

Its a black tea mixed with rosehips and other things to give an interested twist on flavor.

Its actually really green colored, which I thought was a little strange. I found out it contains lemon peel and lemon oil, so that's good. Might have an interesting flavor.

Steaming hot! Just how I like it. (Actually it wasn't really all that hot, it was only steaming because its cold in this room. AC is blasting.)

Its.. very lemony but with a hint of berry. I think my problem with this is though, it smells very medicine-y. Like night time cold medicine. That doesn't mean its going to reflect in flavor, but its rather disappointing in aroma. It also smells mildly sweet, with a very tiny tingling of rosehip.

It's one of those teas that has a lot of potential to be extremely tart, but it also contains some sweeteners, so it actually balances that out. Its really tangy, I think the blueberry and lemon flavor blend really well to create this. Its also kind of sweet, which I sorta wish it wasn't. I tend to like non-sweetened teas.

I think its a pretty decent tea, I could find myself drinking it on a day off of work when I want something sweet. It isn't as complex as something normally is when it contains black tea, as the black tea itself is rather lost.

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