Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Tea(s) May Come

It is true that I am not very well educated in terms of tea, but I do have a rather complex pallet. I'm usually pretty good at processing and explaining favors, and I have a lot of experience cooking and baking. Some of this seems to translate well into my tea reviews everyday. One of my biggest vices has always been soda. I can't tell you if its because its sugar-y or the carbonation. Let's talk about how bad my addiction is.

In the past two weeks I've consumed 24 cans of Dr. Pepper.
@ 64g of Sugar
@ 100mg Sodium
@ 66 Carbs
@ 250 Calories
(Each can)
So that translates into
A little more then 3lbs of sugar. Holy shit.
2.4g of sodium.
1584 Carbs
6000 Calories

Its kind of a shocker huh? Even with this information, right now, my body still craves it. Its actually driving me a little nuts because I keep wanting to go buy more soda, but I won't. I think what really started my addiction was how easy it was to get. I didn't have to mix it with water or brew it or anything, I went, grabbed it, and opened it. That's it. Its cold, bubbly, and it tastes great. Converting to unsweetened tea is becoming harder because I'm actually off soda right now, and its literally all my body craves. Its probably the sugar my body misses the most. I should try to find some way to carbonate some tea, as well. I'm kind of surprised I haven't started having any bad withdrawal issues. This also goes to show you how other things, besides drugs, can still be dangerously addictive.

 This is my current collection of tea. (I have some in tea bags, too but that stuff is meh) I'm slowly going to convert completely to tea and water. Its going to be a journey but its going to be for my health and piece of mind. Also: TeavanaTea at Sea, and The Tea Spot are all sending me teas for review. Not only does this help me keep up with the 365Days of Tea project, but I also see it as a bit of encouragement. 

I'm hoping this will encourage others to try to become healthier, too.

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