Wednesday, June 25, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 5.

So The Tea Spot reached out to me and is sending me some teas for review. This is pretty exciting that people are interesting in being on-board with me. I'm hoping this will create more opportunities in the future. The tea spot carries an interest steeping mug that I'd love to get my hands on.

This next tea came in a sort of paper-y container and wasn't interesting enough to photograph. I bought it in a gift set a while back so it didn't have any special tins. I think all teas should have special tins, its what makes tea special. This tea is called Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice Herbal Tea. Its a mouthful.

(The lighting wasn't working for me so it isn't a fantastic photo)
You can see the huge orange piece. It also looks like they might have used both cocoa nibs, and milk chocolate. The red little stems are probably chili pieces. Oh, and I see cinnamon as well. It seems like herbal teas, LOVE cinnamon, though I can't entirely blame then because cinnamon is yummy. (I realize now that I have a lot of herbal teas, but a lot of what I'm getting in the mail isn't herbal). 

I'm using a different mug this time. Its a glass mug with it's own infuser (you can buy it here.) The color is very red, with an orange hue. It looks a little like there is grease in it, but I think its just from the milk chocolate melting. It doesn't make it thick or give it a weird texture so I think its okay.

Smell - Its smells exactly like a chocolate orange. You can't pick up any cinnamon notes, or chili. It mostly smells like chocolate with an orange-y background. Its pretty nice and makes you hungry. You would expect the tea itself to taste like chocolate milk with orange in it. Its the kind of smell that could lift anyone's mood.

Taste - I would have assumed that the chocolate would be the base favor and everything else would resonate from that. I was very wrong though, to my surprise it tasted very orange-y. It also carries a slight bitterness, but its not a bad bitter taste and the chocolate notes really come through right after the bitterness goes away. It is a lot less sweeter than I would have originally thought but I actually prefer it this way. Its also pretty strong, but I don't think it would make very good ice tea.

Overall - If you looking for a great gift tea, or dessert, this would be fantastic for that. I personally love oranges, so I really enjoyed this tea. I imagine if you have a sweet tooth, this might also help. Its a good way to enjoy both oranges and chocolate. However, a lot of the other bits in the tea go rather over-shadowed by its strong orange taste. It seems like you might be able to just use orange and chocolate and take the rest out and I'd never know the difference.

(3 out of 5 tea leaves. Recommended.)

Can be found here.

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