Monday, June 30, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 9.

This is going to be a rather short post (at least I think so) and I might even edit it later to go into more details. I'm kind of having a day, and I started this really late because a lot of things didn't go as planned. Also in the near future, I'm going to make a short video on how to brew loose-leaf tea. So that might something to look forward to!

So this is another herbal tea. I'm assuming it will contain dried strawberries, dried lemon pieces, and dried lemon rinds. It might even contain a bit of apple, to add sweetness.

As you can tell from the imagine there is definitely a small piece of apple, and a lot of little strawberry bits.  I only see little shreds of lemon, but I imagine that lemon gets stronger when dried. I'm hoping that the fruits add a bit of sweetness to counter-act the natural tart favor of the lemon.

A less golden color then our typical herbal teas so far, but it carries over some nice lemon coloring. Its actually kind of pretty.

Smell - It smells very strongly of lemons, but almost candy like. Sort of like the smell of lemon drops. A very faint smell of strawberry carries a back note over the edge of your nose. Its very perfume-y. Its kind of nice.

Taste - At first it was nothing a mildly tart lemon favor that rolls over your tongue, but it slowly gets complimented by a mild sweet favor, which I'm assuming is from the strawberries and apples. Although, I get a little bit of strawberry scent now that it is brewed, but I can't really taste the strawberries. I know that it is there, but if you didn't know there were strawberries in it, you'd have no idea where the favor comes from. Honestly it is a very light tea, and I would probably enjoy it more if it was brewed all day and turned into ice tea, but maybe at the point I'm better off just drinking lemonade.

Overall - There isn't whole lot more to be said about this tea that isn't already said. I think it taste good, but it lacks depth. It lacks a common complexity that a lot of teas have that I am spoiled with. Its generally a good tea, but I would recommend it as something memorable or fantastic.

(2 out of 5 tea leaves)

Can be found here.

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