Saturday, August 23, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 43: Xing Tea's Raspberry Green Tea.

Its been awhile; hasn't it? I've been through some pretty awful life things, which forced me to move in a pinch. I don't know when my reviews will be more constant again but I'll do my best. 

This is a fancy box from Xing. Its surprisingly heavy.

Tons of bubble wrap. 

I feel like they sent me like every flavor ever. I was pretty surprised and thankful.

Some swag: awesome stickers.

Also an awesome lanyard. (There is also a tee shirt but it is in the wash at the moment.)

Green Tea Raspberry. These cans are around the same size as the Arizona teas, so they are pretty big.

Its smells pretty good. I expected it to carry a more artificial raspberry scent but, it was actually really mellow, and didn't seem artificial at all. You can clearly get the aroma of the green tea, too. Which is unusually for a canned tea. Usually canned teas are loaded with tons of crap that the tea flavor is completely lost.

To my surprise, and amazement, the main taste is actually the tea. Unlike most brands the flavoring overwhelms the tea flavor. Here however, the raspberry taste is just there to add flavor, and not hide it. Its quite nice, and I really enjoyed it. It tastes very fresh and without tons of unnatural stuff in it. It actually tastes like green tea.

I am really thankful for Xing tea for sending me so much product, and swag. They are a pretty awesome company so far. I really enjoyed this tea, and will be drinking it again. I can easily say that if this is how they carry a lot of their other products they will always rate well with me.

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