Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Blog - Chinchillas, camper, and life.

Life always tends to throw a sack of curve balls into the mix.

I've been a pseudo-chinchilla breeder for a little while, and I only did it because I was naive; I dreamt that I'd be able to introduce others to how wonder the animals are. My biggest mistake was trusting that other people did their research - as obsessively as I did. What people don't realize is how big of a commitment Chinchillas, or pets in general are. Out of all the chinchillas I've rehomed, only 2 remain. One is being rehomed right now on facebook, she probably hopes that I don't see her trying to resell Pepper, and I know she is only rehoming her because she doesn't want to take care of her. Honestly though, my hands are tied. I'm pissed at pet owners in general, but also pissed at myself for trusting others to act on the same compassion as I do.

Wilma (RIP 2014) and Fred.

I recently got a van. Its a 1971 Chevy G30, and its converted into camper. Its pretty amazing, but needs some work. Bunch of little things mostly but nothing that'll cost a lot. The truth is other people might see trash, but I see potential. I have hopes for the van, dreams. It isn't much to look at now, but it will be when I'm done with it. Though, it's beginning to start it's fair share of drama, as I don't make a lot of money, people are telling me to sell it because its a wasted investment. Truth be told, most investments are wasted, usually, the outcome is less than what you put into it. Its not like I'm going out and buying a new engine for it, and other crazy things; I'm doing tiny things, one at a time by hand, too. Its an investment, sure, but a waste? Depends on who you ask. I don't think so, and I don't care what other people do think. That's the glory if life; I don't have to give a shit. When it's done, and I hit the road, they can kiss my asphalt.

It isn't much now, but it'll be home someday.

People in life often expect you to live a certain way, to whatever insane expectations they have of life. My only expectation of life, is to live it. I don't follow any rules or standard set by others, I create my own. Fact is; only you control your destiny. People will pull you down and try to make you become a certain type of person, but if you allow that you will never be happy. Never be scared to point up and walk out of the shadows.

Life should be an adventure, not an interrogation. 

Stay strange, be weird.

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