Sunday, August 3, 2014

365 Days of Tea - Day 42: Stash's Maple Apple Cider. (Herbal tea)

Zing tea was suppose to be here yesterday, so I'm a bit worried that it was a lost in the mail, but I wont bother too much about it until the end of next week. I'm also expecting tea from else where but I haven't received any conformation that it's been sent. Sooooo we'll see!

I might have higher expectations then I should for this, because it sounds like it would be amazing. Its unsweetened so it might be the first tea that requires sugar to be yummy.

Its typical tea colored, nothing special here.

Hot tea! (Actually cold room.)

Its carries a very sweet maple scent, with a hint of apple. It smells like it would be very sweet, but considering its maple flavored; it probably doesn't contain actual maple. So that being said it probably isn't very sweet at all.

Surprisingly there isn't a lot of flavor here. The maple is very subtle, and you mostly just taste a very light appley flavor. It tastes less like tea and more like flavored hot-water. It has a lot to be desired flavor-wise. It was kind of a disappointment to be honest.

Even after I overbrewed it, hoping it would draw out more flavor, it really didn't. It wasn't bad, It's not nearly as bad as others. It just wasn't really all that amazing either.

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