Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snack Review - Nibblr.

It has been a little while since I posted, I came down with the flu. Posts should become more regular soon.

Nibblr is a snack box that is very similar to Graze. Nibblr is owned by General Mills, and offers fewer different options. I think its safe to say that most of their products are GMO as well. At this time if you have any allergy they advise not ordering from them, which is a shame. 

The box itself is pretty nice, though I did open it upside down at first because it wasn't entirely clear where I should have opened it, but its also clear that I'm kind of an idiot. hehe.

Cajun crunch, sweet chili pistachios, stuck on flax, and strawberry banana shake. They are all generally the same size as the graze snacks. I think that over all the snacks where pretty good, the pistachios being my favorite out of the four. The Cajun crunch tasted similar to chili flavored corn chips. The pistachios were pretty great, suppose to be sweet, but it was mostly spicey, carried more heat then I would expect, which is good. Stuck in flax, was good but also strange because felt like it was just a bunch of sticky balls of sweet and saltiness, it was my second favorite. Some of the little bits and pieces in it were really good. The strawberry banana shake was pretty forgettable. Literally, I have no clue if I liked it or not.

Although I think that nibblr is a pretty decent box, I think for it's price they should have more options, and offer allergy free products as well. GMO is a thing, and its a big deal. Not just for the health-risks but because its destroying family farms, and soil, so I'd like to see it all be GMO free, as well.

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